Bad Playground

DuckDuckGo ad

An short ad based on Jon Hicks’ illustrations for the privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo.


A UI transition animation for DuckDuckGo.

November 15

Arse vase

A little animation for Arse Vase, a fundraising project for an HIV support centre in London.

A ad

Do Not Lick This Book

Idan and I made a kids’ picture book:


It is about a bored germ called Min who lives inside the book. You have to pick her up from the page and take her on adventures to places like your teeth and your belly button.


You get to see scanning electron microscope photos pictures of those places.

It is available in the shop if you’re in Australia or from the internet if you live somewhere else.

Funatorium illustration

This is the promo art for an Alice in Wonderland-themed kids’ circus and cabaret show at the Sydney Opera House.

I was quite happy to be asked to draw something in a different style than the usual Dumb Ways to Die. I’m pleased with how the guy on the left turned out, but a bit less so the cat lady on the right somehow, and I’m embarrassed that it ended up quite close to one of the references.

The illustration was drawn in Flash then a bit of texture plonked on top in Photoshop.





Rich in B6 and soluble fibre, bananas are a healthy and hygienic snack choice for all age groups.

Also available as nonsense iOS stickers.

Aussie emojis

Here are some fake “Aussie” emojis I drew in the iOS 10 style for an ad campaign:



Here is Australian celebrity Dave Hughes holding one of my pictures in front of his crotch:

Dave's crotch


A cow