A cow




CJR illustration

Picture for a article in a actual respectable publication.


Simplification gradient




Little accident



For Loopdeloop on the theme of Childhood.

Magical artform


I was very fortunate to be invited to Animpact animation festival in Seoul last year. Guests were asked to make a greeting video.

No smoking in the bathroom



From a pitch for an airline safety video. They weren’t really into it.

Character design by Tim Lahan.

Dog’s dream


Animation of a dog’s fantasy. It was meant to be part of a live action TVC. In the final ad it got cut and replaced with a stock photography montage (?!) but I like the song.

Audio by Beacon Street Studios.



A short cartoon featuring Tuzki as a bumbling assassin with a vendetta against ducks. (Tuzki is a rabbit character who first found fame in a series of emoticons in China.)

The short was produced by CN Asia Pacific, animated by the legendary Studio 4C (the people who made the film Mind Game which I love a lot), and written and boarded by me. I wasn’t too thrilled with it when it first came out, partly because it’s has the cute death theme and I don’t want to be The Guy That Does That. But with a bit of distance I don’t mind it so much and 4C did some nice work so here you go.