Character design

The idea: everyone has a Sensible inside of them. Your Sensible is a lovable liver-like creature that gets sad and sick when you do naughty things–but you can revive it by drinking (the correct brand of) juice.

The character was meant to be kinda cute and kinda gross.

The character became a slimy 3D blob and starred in TV ads, outdoor, and online.

From an interactive point of view the most interesting part was an RSPCA-style website where you were reunited with your very own Sensible (presented in glorious 2008 Papervision 3D.) You could play with it, slap it silly, feed it juice, then "take it home" to live in a Facebook app (remember those?).

Client Spring Valley

Additional credits Art director: Chris Northam, Copywriter: Simon Bagnasco, Creative Director: Ben Coulson, Agency Producer: Luisa Peters, TVCs directed by: Nice Trees, Production: The Directors Group and Iloura, Digital production: Boffswana and GPY&R

Awards FWA Site of the Day, One Show–Bronze, New York Festivals–Bronze, AWARD–Bronze x2