Simplification gradient




Little accident



For Loopdeloop on the theme of Childhood.

Magical artform


I was very fortunate to be invited to Animpact animation festival in Seoul last year. Guests were asked to make a greeting video.

No smoking in the bathroom



From a pitch for an airline safety video. They weren’t really into it.

Character design by Tim Lahan.

Dog’s dream


Animation of a dog’s fantasy. It was meant to be part of a live action TVC. In the final ad it got cut and replaced with a stock photography montage (?!) but I like the song.

Audio by Beacon Street Studios.



A short cartoon featuring Tuzki as a bumbling assassin with a vendetta against ducks. (Tuzki is a rabbit character who first found fame in a series of emoticons in China.)

The short was produced by CN Asia Pacific, animated by the legendary Studio 4C (the people who made the film Mind Game which I love a lot), and written and boarded by me. I wasn’t too thrilled with it when it first came out, partly because it’s has the cute death theme and I don’t want to be The Guy That Does That. But with a bit of distance I don’t mind it so much and 4C did some nice work so here you go.


Around Australia


Jacky Winter Group put out an Australiana-themed childrens’ activity book called Around Australia a while ago. This is the picture I contributed.



A series of illustrations for Jacky Winter Group’s Flutter service to show the process of commissioning a illustrator for a animation.

Step 1 pick a illustrator, Step 2 make them draw something, Step 3 make them colour it in, Step 4 someone will animate it nice.


P.S. I don’t follow this process myself since motion and timing is more important than art style in comedy. So I like to do rough animation early on.

Boat trip


Dumb Ways to Die game

Sam and I made the free Dumb Ways to Die iphone/ipad game for Metro and McCann. You control characters from the video in a bunch of rapid-fire minigames, Warioware-style, and try not to die horribly.


Dumb Ways to Die iphone screenshots


The app was built in Flash which meant the animation could be big and bold and the existing characters were easy to bring in and add to. Luckily the game design was uncomplicated so Sam was able to do a great job within the performance limits you’d expect from Flash.


The music is 8-bit because we needed more of it than we had and 8-bit disguised my lack of expertise well. (Also hopefully it’s a bit funny.) The main menu theme was made with Music Studio on my phone. I probably spent half as much time on that as on the animations.


Hopefully the game is amusing and the safety message comes through.


I read somewhere that train accidents have gone down since the video. I hope that’s true! And what about the rate of space helmets taken off and kidneys sold on the internet? Get on it statisticians.