Dumb Ways to Die game

Sam and I made the free Dumb Ways to Die iphone/ipad game for Metro and McCann. You control characters from the video in a bunch of rapid-fire minigames, Warioware-style, and try not to die horribly.


Dumb Ways to Die iphone screenshots


The app was built in Flash which meant the animation could be big and bold and the existing characters were easy to bring in and add to. Luckily the game design was uncomplicated so Sam was able to do a great job within the performance limits you’d expect from Flash.


The music is 8-bit because we needed more of it than we had and 8-bit disguised my lack of expertise well. (Also hopefully it’s a bit funny.) The main menu theme was made with¬†Music Studio on my phone. I probably spent half as much time on that as on the animations.


Hopefully the game is amusing and the safety message comes through.


I read somewhere that train accidents have gone down since the video. I hope that’s true! And what about the rate of space helmets taken off and kidneys sold on the internet? Get on it statisticians.